Save Humanity & Environment Int’l Foundation (SHEIF) is a non-governmental organization that aims at saving humanity and environment in order to elongate the lives of the inhabitants of the earth. It is true that environment is a vital part of human survivors such that whatever affects the environment will affect every living thing in that environment.

It has equally been shown by research that most outbreak of diseases are usually caused by the degradation of our environments through means such as oil spillages, water and land pollutions etc.

It has equally real that environment can be degraded in so many ways such as natural disaster, social, political and artificial degradation of the environments and in any kind of the environmental hazard, the end effect is on human beings, plants and animals.

SHEIF having researched on these problems came up with the idea to assist in educating the general populace on the needs and benefits of keeping the environments clean as it affects our health and wealth and to offer assistance in saving humanity in all aspects of life. This we have achieved through seminars and workshops.

It has also been observed by this great organization that the society is morally going down due to the high rate of divorce in the society which affects the upbringing of our children and their behaivior which in turn affect our society. The organization due to the high rate of diviorce in our society also assists in the education / training of our youths on issues of marriage and married couples and the maintenance of marriage and child good upbringing.

SHEIF has been in operation all over the country since the year 2010 but officially incorporated in January 2015 under part “C” of CAMA Laws of Federation 2014. The organization is operational in a good number of states in Nigeria such as; Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Rivers, Plateau, Abia, Lagos and Imo States. The organization has carried out many activities in the following aspects since 2010: Health, legal, social, and environmental aspects to mention but a few.

1. To provide free health services to the less privileged

2. To render free medical diagnosis /treatment/legal advice, consultation services and counseling to the general public especially those who cannot ordinarily afford the services of a medical/legal personnel.

3. To provide medical diagnosis to the less privileged and the general public

4. To help save lives in cases of emergencies such as outbreak of diseases, explosion of any kind and environmental hazards generally

5. To assist in the administration of vaccines and injections, distribution of drugs through the help of our medical personnel to the less priviledged and to the public

6. To assist in rendering medical treatments to the public in cases of any outbreak of diseases/environmental (natural & artificial disaster)

7. To render free legal services to communities/victims of environmental hazards such as oil spillage, water and land pollution etc

8. To carry out health and environmental enlightenment programes to the public, especially to schools and colleges and to promote girl child education

9. To save humanity down to the grass root level environmentally and health wise

10. To care and promote the welfare of the members

11. To enlighten the society on the need of maintenance of marriage and expose the negative effects of divorce on the family and society at large through seminars and workshops



The cause of SHEIF as a great nongovernmental organization is having the mission to save humanity in all aspects of life which includes;

a. Health consultation, diagnosis and services

b. Legal consultations and services

c. Social, moral directives to our youths

d. Financial assistance to those really in need

e. Environmental consultation and services to humanity to that effect