SHEIF has the mission of reducing, if not eliminating the health challenges in our societies especially among the less privileged, therefore we render selfless services, free medical diagnosis to the public and offer medical treatment where necessary/possible and administer vaccine to those diagnosed negative.

In times of emergencies such as outbreak of diseases, we wholly and selflessly assist the medical department and personnel involved to save the victims and prevent further spread of the diseases.

We equally sensitize the public on the need for good, clean and healthy environments.

We have a team of lawyers and many law firms partnering with us, we render free legal consultations to individuals that cannot ordinarily afford the services of a lawyer. And to communities that are victims of environmental hazards both natural and artificial, we run to their aids and rescue legally by finding the cause of the hazards and offering free legal advice and consultations to the communities.

In the issue of marriage, the organization has done marvelously well in the reconciliation of disputes between couples and hence restore the unity of many homes. We do not disclose name of families that have benefited from the services of SHEIF for the sake of privacy.

The organization has also done wonderfully well in settling other matters among friends, business partners, neighbors etc out of court. We honestly encourage the settlement out of court but where it fails, we set the arms of litigation in motion to see that justice prevails.

Our mission is to help in promoting the cleanness of our environment by educating/training the public oon the how to maintain good environments, the impact of good, healthy and clean environments and as well as the effects of dirty environment/environmental degradation through seminars and workshops. We legally assist the public, society and the less privileged affected by environmental hazards especially man made hazards.

The NGO renders services to the society through the training of couples on the effect of divorce on children, families which in turn affect the society and the economy of the country and how to maintain their homes and marriages, we have saved many homes and restored peace to them.

We assist in training our youths especially girls through trainings and seminars to be independent without involving themselves in an illegal activities such as prostitution, drug abuse, robbery etc. we therefore from time to time provide opportunities to our youths and widows by offering training on hand works.